Thug Kills Disabled Vet In Broad Daylight – Father And Son See It And Respond With BRUTAL Payback

When a criminal sets out to commit a crime they never look past their own greed or how it will affect others. These selfish cowards deserve nothing more than to serve a life behind bars for the pain that they have caused. Which is exactly what one thug in Philadelphia will be doing thanks to the heroic actions of a father and son duo.

Howard White was a 47-year-old disabled Marine Corps veteran who was gunned down by a violent thug in Philadelphia’s Olney section. White witnessed the thug trying to hold up a bar and instead of allowing this criminal to get away with his crime he stepped in to stop it. However, instead of being able to subdue the armed robber, White was shot multiple times in his back and torso and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The murderer then ran away attempting to feel the scene and not have to answer for his cowardly deeds. The unnamed thug ran into a home thinking that he could lie low until he formulated a plan to getaway. However, this criminal ran into the wrong home and quickly received brutal payback.

Javier Vazquez, 56, owned the house that the thug ran into and said that he saw the man standing at the door of his bedroom while he and his wife were in bed. Vazquez said he then leaped out of bed and fought with the man while forcing him down to the kitchen.

Vazquez said that when they got downstairs he son joined in on the fray. “We got into a big scuffle, and he hit me a couple times with a gun in my face.” Vazquez’s son, Javier Jr., 23, then tackled the man, and the elder Vazquez said he took the gun out of the man’s hands. Shortly after that the police arrived and were able to arrest the man and take him into custody.

The father and son team sat and spoke to Fox 29 about the harrowing event.


Here is more from 6 ABC:

Family members say White believed the suspect was casing the bar, and he stepped in to try to diffuse the matter.

“He’s military – trained to observe things,” said another of White’s cousins, Michelle Gordon. “And he told him, ‘Sir, you don’t want to do this. Come on. Come on.'”

In the process of getting away from the bar, his family says, White was shot twice and killed.

White’s cousin, armed with two guns and a permit to carry, chased the suspect until responding officers arrived and told him to drop his weapons.

Police say the cousin complied, and officers continued to follow the suspect, who broke into a home on North 6th Street in an effort to get away.

Javier Vazquez, Sr. was asleep when his wife saw a silhouette in the bedroom doorway.

Vazquez chased the suspect down to the kitchen, where it turned physical. Vazquez explained the suspect hit him in the face with his gun multiple times.

“I was able to grab his wrist, scuffle with him,” said Vazquez. “He was overpowering me.”

Vazquez’s 23-year-old son, Registered Nurse Javier Vazquez, Jr., came running. Father and son soon overpowered the suspect and grabbed the gun.

“My son picked him up and body slammed him,” Vazquez, Sr. told Action News.

“I slammed him to the floor to get him off my dad,” said Vazquez, Jr. “Luckily the police are right outside.”

Father and son were treated at an area hospital for cuts, bruises and sprains. They have since spoken with detectives.

The 25-year-old suspect was also treated for injuries sustained the struggle.

He remains in custody.

White is a hero that deserves to be honored for his service to our country. White had just recently returned home from serving our country less than two months ago and was wanting to return back overseas. “He was so persistent about going back overseas — not for the money, but because he loved his country,” White’s longtime friend, Dwayne Peel, told Fox 29.

Even though White passed away this entire evening could have claimed more lives if it was not for this his brave actions. This thug could have killed more people in the bar, but White stepped in and made sure that his presence was known. It is also a blessing to hear that justice was served and that the murderous thug was apprehended so quickly.

The term hero tends to lose its power when it’s used too often. Then there are those times like this when it is the perfect word to describe the acts of these three men who were only doing the right thing.

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H/T [ Fox 29 ]

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