Thug Mouths Off To Older Man Gets An INSTANT Lesson On RESPECT! WOW (VIDEO)

Today’s 18-early 20’s has too many weaklings, special snowflakes, and pathetic punks. Back in the day we had brains, strength, and weren’t offended by everything.

The following video shows a young punk catch a beat down by an older gentleman. I don’t know if there’s a history between these two that helped lead to the epic beat down, but I can only imagine this young putz was a disrespectful, nonchalant, lazy entitled jackwagon and the old man was tired of his nonsense.

We need to raise our kids right and not let them become a bunch of disrespectful, offended, weak, twerps like today’s generation of college kids.

BAM POW BANG! This is better than watching an old school Batman fight scene. This is better than watching a short clip of Mike Tyson knocking someone out before the first round is even a minute into things.

The best part of this video is that there IS hope that this younger gent will learn to be more respectful to his elders and stop being a loser.

Kids these days often lack respect and have no idea how easy they have it. People 50 and older didn’t have the Internet, memes, or any of the cool stuff when they were teenagers. They were out working, making babies, and being tough human beings.

So when a punk youngster mouths off to an older person, then they better be able to handle their own business, because they’re about to get popped in the mouth with some hard knock life punches.

A few black eyes might set this kid straight and I hope it does. I don’t want to post another video of him catching a butt whopping like a scene from a Madea movie.

Let’s not forget how HARD this punch traveled across the planet – all because this young, dumb, moron thought she could mouth off and hit a grown up.

My grandfather lived to be 108. You want to know how? He minded his f*cking business.

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