Thug Picks the Wrong Target, Starts Fight With World Champion Boxer [VIDEO]

Ha! Drunk fool got his a– handed to him. Just another day in the ghetto! I love the boxer dude’s threads. Dude is straight pimpin’! I’m totally going to the thrift store to find me some new duds! Rock on, boxer man, rock on.

Life lesson: Never start a fight whose nickname is “Champ”. Especially when you’re friends are saying “Champ, don’t do it”.

That’s what this thug learned the hard way when he picked a fight with a man at a convenience store.

The man he picked? Two-time super-featherweight champion Rocky Lockridge. It goes about how you expect between a man who won 44 professional fights (36 by knockout) and a thug with a beer in his hand.

Lockridge’s biggest fight came in 1984, when he knocked out then-undefeated Roger Mayweather (Floyd’s uncle) in just 98 seconds to win the WBA super featherweight crown.

Since then, the former champion has battled addiction, homelessness, and suffered a stroke. Lockridge was also on the television show Intervention and his appearance became a viral sensation as the “Best Cry Ever”.

He now says he’s cleaner than he’s ever been, even in his fighting days and told reporters he feels “so good that if I hadn’t suffered the stroke I would go for a title shot”.

Via Controversial Times

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