WATCH: Serial Black Thug Points Gun At Cops, Gets ANNIHILATED In Seconds After One WRONG Move

Baltimore Police released a shooting video in which repeat criminal offender, Curtis Deal, is involved in a cop chase as he’s carrying a massive silver pistol. At one point, Deal runs out of an alley, with a HUGE SILVER PISTOL in his hands and an officer in pursuit tells him to stop. He doesn’t stop running. Deal rounds the corner of the bus, running like he’s Le’Veon Bell, and does the one thing you’re not ever supposed to do.

Deal raised his pistol towards the officer.

The officer already has his weapon drawn because he saw Deal carrying a gun.

The officer in pursuit fires about four shots, dropped Deal to the ground immediately.

Deal dies from his injuries as a result of the shooting.

Here’s the video.

Curtis Deal (left), 18, was shot dead on Tuesday in West Baltimore by a cop. Bodycam footage shows Curtis lifting his pistol at Detective David Kincaid just before he is killed

The bodycam footage, released by Baltimore Police Department, came at the end of a chase between Detective David Kincaid Jr and Curtis Deal, 18, in West Baltimore on Tuesday.

Police say Deal, who was out on $250,000 bond, jumped out of a car Kincaid was following on Tuesday and ran. Kincaid cut the youth off as he exited an alley, resulting in the violent scene.

Kincaid calls in shots fired as another cop approaches Deal. The stricken youth tries to get up briefly, but both police tell him not to move.

Deal was hit in the abdomen, hip and finger, and died of his injuries.

Curtis Deal has a history of arrests and was recently released. Perhaps the system in Baltimore is too relaxed because if he wasn’t released, then he wouldn’t have been in a foot chase where he pointed a gun at a cop and got himself killed.

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis stated that the shooting was justified and praised Detective Kincaid for his hard work and bravery.

If Kincaid had not fired his weapon as fast as he did, then he may not have returned home that day.

I’m very curious to see how Black Lives Matter and activist type people like Shaun King (black as snow) and DeRay “The Vest” McKesson respond to this video.

Will Black Lives Matter continue their nonsense, even after seeing Curtis Deal raising a giant gun towards an officer?

Or will BLM and it’s supporters be intelligent and tell the officer “good job” and the community “don’t be like Curtis Deal” – which would possibly save someone’s life and prevent people from breaking more laws.

Thank you, Baltimore PD, for dealing with another scumbag. If only that boy had better parents to teach him right from wrong and lead him in a direction of success, then maybe he wouldn’t be 18 and gone.

Very sad to see such a young kid shot by police, but the officer HAS TO SHOOT him. There’s no question about it in this video. The officer sadly does what they must in order to survive.

If he didn’t shoot, then he would get shot. You can’t let yourself get shot by a criminal because of one reason or another. Curtis Deal was only 18, but he was man enough to point a gun at an officer, so that’s man enough to get shot by one.

It’s not that we value one life from another, it’s that we’re entitled to self defense and taking down the enemy. When you’re running from the police and point a gun at them, there’s only one end to that sad story.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Stop breaking the law.

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