THUG Pulls Knife On Security Guard, And Police, Wins Prize, Several Lead Slugs! (VIDEO)


Yet another attack on our Police Officers using hate generated by the anti-cop and white man ‘movement’ (terrorist group)… Black Lives Matter.

A Cincinnati police officer narrowly escaped with this life when a mugger, Jawari Porter, tried to murder him with a knife last Sunday. The entire encounter was captured on security cameras, and the video is not easy to watch.

Shown in the video you can capture two separate scenes.

First, you see 25 year old Jawari Porter pointing a knife at a security officer’s neck as he was obviously threatening him at a Kroger store. At that point you see Porter crossing the street…

He has just threatened a security guard with a knife to his neck and he crosses the street like it was no biggie.

Who does that!?

This fool

Shortly after this Officers Anthony Brucato and Patrick Galligan responds to the incident and pull right up in their patrol car as Porter is walking towards them.

As soon as Porter sees it becomes very clear that his intention is to attack and kill with the knife he has in his hand. As the Officer opens his car door Porter LUNGES right at him and starts stabbing his knife at the Officer.

To watch this unfold is chilling, and confirmation that there is NOTHING that can be done about a ‘crazy person’ with a weapon short of the police officer pulling out a gun to protect himself. No taser gun nor baton could have helped him in this situation.

Porter was on a mission, and the adrenaline running through his body wouldn’t be stopped by anything less than their gun. He was on top of the officer, thrusting his knife at the Officer before he was even able to get out of his car.

Ladies and gentlemen… that is a LIFE THREATENING situation. Would you use a taser and ‘HOPE’ it works?

As a result of this maniac’s attack on Officer Brucato, the only option was for his partner to shoot Porter. So that is just what Officer Galligan did, then circled around from the passenger side, grabbing Porter and pulling him onto the sidewalk.

Now, common sense and Hamilton County Prosecutor, Joe Deters tells us that it was obviously justified shooting and that it would NOT be making its’ way to the grand jury to review.

“This is a justified shooting. After threatening a Kroger store employee with a knife, he did not hesitate to try to stab a Cincinnati Police officer who did not even have an opportunity to get out of his vehicle,” Deters said.

HOWEVER…. in steps Black Lives Matter Cincinnati to condemn the officer- involved in the shooting.

Yes, these asshats had the audacity to say that this LIFE THREATENING situation was… ‘avoidable’ Then went even further to say that Porter was….


Are you freaking kidding me!? It’s loud and clear right here on the freaking video…Porter was not there to talk, he was there for BLOOD!

Needless to say, Black Lives Matter is a pain in society’s ass, so they didn’t stop there. They also released this asinine announcement:

“We contend the police-orchestrated escalation led to an avoidable killing. No efforts were made to get mental health professionals on the scene and no serious effort was made to subdue/contain, rather than kill Jawari Porter. We insist that mental illness is not a crime, and “belligerent behavior,” which television news witnesses allege, should not be punishable by death.”

What the hell America?

Do these BLM people seriously believe that stopping to “check” the mental illness of a man stabbing you with a knife, is logical?

I have an idea. How about we take each of them, put them inside a car, and a knife in the hand of a madman stabbing them….and THEN see what they think is a logical move.

I’m certain they will soon stop talking out of their butts about this checking mental illness state crap…

Or maybe not. They don’t seem that bright… they make a living off embracing the ‘stupid’ and totally ignoring the facts that are so right in front of their face it could slap them. Wish it would…

Anyhow, then came this announcement from the not so smart bunch:

“The video of Mr. Porter being killed has been released. Please view it. The police officer had his gun drawn as soon as he opened the door. Inevitably this escalated the situation. This officer could have instead chosen a method of interaction meant to deescalate. After escalating the situation, and struggle ensued, the officer chose to shoot Mr. Porter.”


Our men and women in blue are being hunted by madmen who are governed by the ideals of idiots.

Porter is no victim. He’s a man with a knife who tried to kill a police officer, and as such, accepted the consequences attached to trying to make someone DEAD.

Black Lives Matter is not looking for solutions, they are only seeking destruction and handouts.

BLM…take a damn seat.

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