Thug Rapper Calls For Presidential Candidate To be Slaughtered- Media Silent (LISTEN)


From Mad World:

Musicians are always releasing songs, but one recent tune is garnering quite a bit of attention – and not because it’s the next new hit. Hidden within the lyrics of the new song, rapper Rick Ross has called for the assassination of one of the top 2016 presidential candidates – and there’s only one reason the media is silent on the matter.

We all know that celebrities are allowed to exercise their artistic privilege a bit more liberally, but what Rick Ross just put out there has many saying he took things too far. Released in a song titled Free Enterprise featuring John Legend, the lyrics boldly state, “Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman!”

As one would imagine, some have argued, “What’s the big deal?” However, the problem seems to be the silence on the matter. For one, Mark Dice reports, “I just spoke with the Department of Justice on the phone and the Attorney General’s statement on the Trump assassination threat is ‘no comment.’” Read More

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