Thug Tried To Rob Bank, Dies Right After Busting In When He Didn’t See What’s Behind The Counter

A cracked out drug addict tried robbing a bank, but he left with something else instead. His goal was to become a rich fella when he left the bank, but he didn’t see what was behind the counter! The thug entered the bank, shot his gun at the ceiling and again at security agent as he began his attempt to rob the place for the riches, and that’s when the surprise behind the counter showed his face.

Our attempted bank robber, Laurence Turner, had a bad encounter with retired Winnebago County Deputy Brian Harrison – the security guard who shot back.

Being a retired deputy, Brian Harrison likely had better firearm training than the perpetual drug abuser crackhead who tried to rob the bank high as a space shuttle kite. It didn’t work out too well for Laurence Turner. Let’s just say he’s not with us anymore.

Rockford, IL – Newly released video shows a security guard, who is a retired deputy, gunning down a bank robber just after the robber entered Alpine Bank.The initial incident occurred in January, but the video has just now been released. It was also announced that that guard would not face any charges for using deadly force to defend the lives of the people in the bank.
The security footage shows the masked robber, Laurence Turner, coming in, shooting once into the ceiling, then at retired Winnebago County Deputy Brian Harrison.
Harrison reacted instantly, shooting the gunman DRT.
An autopsy report shows that Laurence Turner was high on drugs at the time of the shooting. Turner has also been linked to several other bank robberies.

Harrison is a life saver and money saver. He’s a dual purpose security guard with a good shot and quick reflexes. This is the kind of guy you need protecting every school, mall, and bank in America. Someone who’s quick on the draw and can take down a perpetrator while saving everyone else in the building.

Great job, Deputy Harrison!

Let’s hope Reverend Al Sharpton doesn’t stir up controversy and ask why the would-be robber was shot. And let’s hope someone doesn’t say “why did you shoot him so many times” and try to get a case against Harrison.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It’s always true!

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