Worthless Thug Tried To Rob a Mini-Market, Cashier Had His Own Plans And Makes Him REGRET IT!

An armed suspect who attempted robbery of a gas station convenience store got the shock of his lifetime. He pulled a gun on the man at the cash register, but little did he know the person behind the counter was armed and ready for a fight!

The suspect, Emanuel Hamm, waltz in the front door of the store. He brandished a  handgun and the man behind the counter acted faster with his own gun. He fired shots at the robbery suspect, SHOT HIM, and the suspect tried to flee.

He was picked up by police with gunshot wounds to his hand. The crook will survive the shooting, but learned a really hard lesson not to mess with people.

When asked about the shooting, the clerk responded with a few choice words. He said “he had no choice” – good thing the robber didn’t shoot him back!

DARBYDALE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) — A clerk said he had no choice but to start shooting when a robbery suspect walked into his gas station.

Surveillance video shows the confrontation inside the M & M food market Thursday night.

On Friday evening, it was the talk among customers.

Franklin County court documents said 27-year-old Emanuel Hamm walked inside the food mart on Norton Road with a handgun.

The clerk didn’t want to be identified, but said he knew something was up.

“He looked suspicious to me.”

The clerk’s suspicions were spot on. Police said Hamm planned on robbing the place, but the employee derailed those plans.

“As soon as I saw the gun, I pulled mine and I shot him.”

The only thing on this worker’s mind was his family.

The store clerk was offered time off, but declined. He would rather be back at work and talking about shooting someone than sitting home. He stated it was hard to shoot another human, but he felt that he was in danger and could only think of his family.

Nothing wrong with acting out of self defense. We have a right to protect ourselves. He did just that.

Our Constitution tells us that we have the right to bear arms. This store clerk took full advantage of that and used it in a good way.

The only bad part about this – what if the clerk missed his shot? What if the robber shot first?

There’s always the X factor that we may not ever know the answer to.

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