Thug Robs Store, Tries To Escape Police – Gets SHOCKING Justice On Highway – WATCH!

I love a good taser video, so it’s my pleasure to present you with today’s shocking highway justice.

Long story short – a thuggish ruggish bone (not Ken Bone) tried robbing a store and escaping from police, ends up on the highway in a foot chase like he’s Usain Bolt and gets himself ELECTROCUTED by a taser and almost ran over by cars on the highway.

Can you imagine how grotesque this video would be if he got tasered, fell over, then an 18 wheeler squished his head like a mosquito on your windshield? Or, kinda like how Negan is about to murk someone in the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. This man could’ve met a truck named Lucille.

He went ZAP and almost went SPLAT.

Lucky for him, the police pretty much saved the moron from racking up any further damage to himself or his wrap sheet. The thug boy will escape this viral police video with a few extra volts and a probably a night or two behind bars.

Did you ever see anyone on COPS win?


Take it from this guy, don’t commit crimes, get tasered, almost ran over, and spend the next eternity in jail because your embarrassed parents won’t bail you out.

Without further ado, here’s a few of my favorite TINGSSSSSS.

I LOVE watching this Mom with super ghetto behavior get tasered and drop like a stiff sack of wooden school rulers.

And to make things racially balanced, here’s a dumb white guy getting the most hilarious taser video of his life, dropping stiff to the ground like a giraffe with a hard-on.

This is taser licking good entertainment.

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