What This Thug Said To Dead Victim’s Mom Will Make You Pray He FRIES LIKE BACON!

Interesting how they forget to say this was a black thug who murdered a white man. Amazing how that detail is left out.

This is a hate crime. But you won’t find the media saying that. The fact that the Judge allowed him to get away speaking to the mother like that is PATHETIC and WEAK! Good thing I wasn’t the judge.

No taxpayer money should be wasted on this useless thug. Take him out back and shoot him. He has no regard for human life whatsoever. Only way to solve these problems is you get rid of them.


The teen charged with murder in the shooting death of a popular bartender and musician was threatened with contempt of court charges during a bond hearing Monday after muttering an expletive as the victim’s mother spoke.

Jahmal Green, who just turned 18 last week, swayed back and forth and smiled during the hearing, interrupting Eric Brantley’s mother at one point, telling her to “shut the f— up.”

The judge told Green he could be charged with contempt for talking during the hearing.

“If we have anything to say about it you will rot in jail or in hell,” Brantley’s mother Suzanne Sentner told Green after the interruption. “You shot my son five times and gave him no chance to defend himself. I want you to remember Eric Devlin Brantley’s name for the rest of your miserable life.” Read More

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