Thug Shoots Illegal Gun in the Hood… Receives INSTANT JUSTICE [VIDEO]

Let’s talk about gun control.

Gun control is knowing how to properly hold and shoot your firearm without having it hit you in the face like this idiot with an illegal gun.

Look at his hands and posture. Terrible.

Then he fires and can’t back up his own shot. Terrible.

Then the gun swings back and hits him in the face. Terrible. Awesome.

What happens if he’s getting robbed by a truck load of Russian guys? They get out ready to beat him with empty vodka bottles, then he holds his gun sideways and tries to shoot them. The Russians will laugh as they take a few shots of their drinks and proceed to smash this guy into next week.

What happens if he’s getting robbed in the hood by some guys who also hold their guns the wrong way? That’s when bullets miss and accidentally murders a small black child who was playing hop scotch or double dutch.

Then everyone barks about gun control this, gun control that – how about being angry about the dumb*sses who have these guns and CAN’T CONTROL THEM?

If you own a gun, then you should be permitted to prove you can fire it and handle it correctly.

Dopes like this guy should not ever hold a firearm. It’s people like him, with illegal guns, who get innocent people killed. The problem isn’t your hunters or people who enjoy shooting for sport/hobby or have guns for self defense.

Watch these videos. These folks control their guns without hurting anyone. THIS is gun control.

And here’s trick shots to show intense gun control skills.

Need a laugh? Sure! How about this dope who thinks shooting an AR-15 gives you PTSD.

And this double barrelled 1911 in slow motion is absolutely stunning. Careful, it might harden your barrel.


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