Thug Thinks He’s Tough Talking Trash To Cop Until He Gets Stupid Grin Smacked Off His Face & Begs For Mommy

The growing disrespect and disillusionment with law enforcement began with the overtly lawless, such as gangs and drug lords but has become adopted much more widely in recent years. Somehow those who vowed to “protect and serve” have gained the undeserving reputation of only taking their jobs to somehow oppress those who they dislike for whatever the reason.

Because of this stigma, a lot of young or otherwise weak minded have taken up the offense with no actual negative interaction with the authorities for themselves. The propaganda and victim complex is running rampant, especially among young African-American men, who have been especially targeted for the brainwashing campaign and are made to feel like they just can’t win for losing, which in many cases helps push them into a life of crime when they feel like they can’t get ahead any other way.

Such was the case with a young man who thought he could show off a little and tussle with an officer who was attempting to arrest him. We don’t know what he was being arrested for, but we do know he wasn’t happy about it and tried to fight back a little. The smackdown he got was well deserved and very painful.

I’ve personally never been attacked in this way, but can you imagine how this trained officer might have had a little adrenaline kick in as his training takes over? I’m sure somewhere there’s a huge cry of police brutality, but unfortunately for the puppet masters, this looks like a cut and dry case of cause and effect to me.

Now I understand that abuse of power does happen, but any of us could point out black people who are gang bangers yet I freely admit that it would be wrong to approach every conversation with a black person as if they’re going to shoot me in the face. I could find you Mexican nationals who are drug runners, but I don’t search the personal items of Hispanics before they come into my home. So why is it ok to take the actions of a few, abusive officers and make them all pay? We’re not supposed to steriotype races but we can police, who, by in large have dedicated their lives to public service? And isn’t it also possible that if given the leeway to have a hair trigger, some would exploit that?

It’s sad that those who put themselves in jeopardy for us every day have to consider the lives of brothers who might pay the price if they make the news and another shooter is on the loose. Let’s stand behind those who put themselves in danger for us because they are the front line of defense, and if that video is any indicator, the defense looks pretty good this year.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)

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