Thug Tells 2 Chicks “Act Like A Man, You’re Gonna Get Treated Like A Man” Then Does The Unthinkable! (VIDEO)

Watch this thug knock out two beefy girls in a restaurant (video below), then we’ll have a fun chat about it afterwards. Maybe some wine and frogs, but that’s none of my business.

So the skinny guy in the wife-beater, how appropriate, was arguing with the two booger monster looking ladies who seem exactly like the type of gal a black man loves. You know, big ol hips, stanky tattoos, and lack of a father figure.

They’re all going buck wild on each other and you know it’s only a matter of moments until someone gets triggered and ends up on WorldStar HipHop. Finally someone says something and it looks like some drink goes flying, glass shattering, fists flying boogaloo instead of people slurping down milkshakes and hamburgers.

If Soul Train was a battle royal in a diner, then this would be it.

If Ed Norton’s fight club was coed, then this would be it.

I am Jack’s big booty ho getting beat up by a black man.

He knocks out one crumb-eating gal with a right hand, then I can’t even tell what happened to the other lady. I just see blond hair flying, red shirts ripping, flea-bag cheap tattoos exposed and I was legitimately hoping a breast didn’t come out as I laughed at this awful video. Normally I enjoy a fine chest peek during a chick fight, but I am not interested in women this size. Not my type.

After several rounds of fists and kicks, the man has now assaulted two women. The girls are pretty ugly, but that doesn’t make it OK to strike a woman.

If he were a real man, he would have walked out with his dignity instead of sucker-punching it into the large forehead of these women.

Hillary Clinton calls Trump supporters deplorable, but she should probably show this video at her next rally if she’s not too sick to stand up and press play on the remote.

If anything is deplorable, it’s this behavior and a man assaulting two women.

Hopefully they’re ALL arrested.

And if you missed it, there was a cameo by the chef and a deplorable butt crack by the lady in the red shirt.

I don’t want my strawberry pancakes at the diner interrupted by nonsense like this.

Do you?

If you really need to be disturbed. Then imagine what would happen if this guy showed up to the fight. What on God’s given Earth is this creature?

Don’t worry, that’s a man. You can look at it and not feel like a fake transgender creep in the Target bathroom.

Weird. I know.

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