Thug Thought He Was Tough Terrorizing Drivers Until Baseball Bat Knocks The ‘Badass’ Out Of Him

A sloppy handful of stupid drunks were harassing drivers in Boston street when the thugs messed with the wrong guy. This guy wasn’t afraid like all the others.

It all started when an inebriated thug kept hitting innocent driver’s cars as they went by. Punching, kicking, even had a road cone in his hand at one point. One of his friends kept telling people to keep driving so they could get away from the thug who was on a mission to fight someone.

That’s when Billy Bad-ass pulled up. The thug jumped on the hood of his car and he didn’t flinch. The thug’s friends practically begged him to drive away. And he did, but he pulled up and parked in a clear area. Then he exited the vehicle with his version of Negan’s Lucille. Even at the site of the weapon, the thugs persisted harder than Elizabeth Warren speaking to the senate and breaking the rules. Funny thing about that is, they get knocked out just as hard as she did!

The sound of aluminum hitting someone’s skull and bones sounds beautiful when it’s a thug getting destroyed by an everyday citizen who was just minding his own business.

The thugs approach the man with the bat, thinking they still have an easy target. The main thug throws his road cone, but it’s deflected. He moves in for a strike and gets clobbered. Another guy slammed. One more takes a crackin’. This is a small army vs one man and there’s a clear victor in this battle.

At one point the man loses control of the bat, or maybe he throws it, and he runs for the car. Some of the thugs catch up to him and try to drag him out of the vehicle for what would’ve been an old fashioned gang beating. The driver, smart as he is, flees the scene with his foot on the gas. You’re not catching this guy. Off he goes into the night.

He could’ve kept driving and called the police. I suppose being attacked in his own car, for doing nothing wrong, wouldn’t let him allow this to go unpunished.

Sometimes your adrenaline gets the best of you.

Sometimes your bat gets the best of them.

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