Thug Who Threatened To Kill Trump Family ARRESTED

Warning: Authorities DO take YouTube video threats seriously – you could be prosecuted.

A man posted a YouTube video during the first week of May, wearing a black cloth over his face, waving two guns around wildly, and threatening to kill Donald Trump and his family.  He thought he would remain anonymous, but authorities had no trouble at all finding him – they simply looked him up through the IP address associated with the video.  

Richard Deville, Jr., 26 of Clarksville, Indiana is the man in the video.  He has been arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon and intimidation.

FOX 59 News reports that a secret service agent went to interview Deville, who was being detained for an unrelated domestic situation.   Deville gave the agent his phone number, which matched the number associated with the video, and he also admitted to the agent that he made the video against Trump.  He said he thought it would make him look “cool”.

Deville told the secret service agent that the guns were not his – one belonged to a friend and one was his girlfriend’s gun.   He is currently being held in the Floyd County Jail.  Arraignment is scheduled for Friday.



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