NO CHARGES! Thug Who Confessed To Beating Toddler To Death Walks Free From Jail

Travesties of justice happen all the time but we never feel good about them. Especially when it involves a kid. This incident is just as disgusting as you might expect. Leo Affairs reports that a Fresno County District Attorney has refused to press criminal charges during a Thursday appearance on a man who reportedly told police he had punched a fourteen month old in the stomach.

The sucker punch killed the infant. The District Attorney is Lisa Smittcamp who told reporters her office had referred the case against Kenneth Johnson, who’s thirty years old, back to the police department of Fresno. The office is still awaiting reports from the Fresno County Coroner’s Office.

In a three hour interview after his arrest Johnson allegedly told police he punched baby Jose Luis Espinosa because the baby was crying and he grew frustrated. The baby’s twenty-year-old mother was Johnson’s girlfriend. It was reported by Chief Jerry Dyer of the Fresno police that Jose died from the internal trauma sustained from the attack.

Dyer stated,

The District Attorney’s office has not requested any further investigative work of our detectives. However, they are requesting further examination by the Coroner’s Office. We remain confident that Kenneth Johnson is responsible for the death of 14-month-old José Espinosa. Fresno Police Department detectives are committed to working closely with the District Attorney’s office to ensure successful prosecution of this case.”

At the time of the incident the babies mother was located in Modesto. The fact that an animal like this would go free is absolutely disgusting. There should be a special place in jail and hell for people who commit these types of heinous crimes against children.

The fact that he was let free shows you how broken our criminal justice system truly is. He should be rotting in prison but instead he is roaming the streets leaving everyone else at risk. Because it is only a matter of time before he hurts or assaults someone else again.

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