Black Thug Trashes Store After EBT Fails Then Tells WRONG Shopper To Pay—Gets Something Else Instead

A shocking video has quickly gone viral of a woman, recently released from jail, trashing a gas station.

The video begins with the woman sitting on the gas station counter, swearing at and threatening an employee. She told the employee that she would “beat his a**” and disclosed that she had just been released from jail, where she was about to serve time for disorderly conduct. She then begins throwing bags of chips at his head, shouting, “When I get out, I’m going to f*** your a** up!” as onlookers watch in shock.

While it isn’t clear where the video takes place, the woman shouts “ATL!” at one point, suggesting that she is from Atlanta, Georgia.

She continues her rampage throughout the store, throwing candy bars on the floor before knocking the computer at the register off the counter while employees beg her to calm down. When they threatened to call the police, she didn’t slow down at all. “I did it, I did it! Call ’em!” she responded.

At one point, she threw a broom at the person filming her.

Then, she hopped off the counter and walked away, saying, “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!”, but she didn’t leave without doing some more damage. She walked along the aisles knocking more goods onto the ground. Other customers began to intervene, telling her to stop, but she only became more aggressive, and eventually, a male customer who was sick of her thug bs physically kicked her thug a** out of the gas station.

You can see the video here:

Police in Atlanta say that they have been made aware of the video, and are investigating. If she gets caught, then she might have pretty good reason to be worried — she seems to already have a criminal record, and here she is, on video, assaulting innocent people and causing considerable damage to the store. Hopefully, police will find her quickly and put her back in jail, where she clearly belongs along with Obama’s other sons and daughters.

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