Thug Tries To ROB Waffle House In Texas … QUICKLY Regrets It (VIDEO)

Another great day in De Soto! A man armed with an Ak-47 robbed multiple customers at a Waffle House and escaped the restaurant before police arrived.

But there was another surprise waiting for the robber.

The wife of a man who was inside the Waffle House was about to arrive at the location of the robbery. The man who was inside waiting for her happened to be a legally armed citizen. While fearing that his wife would encounter the degenerate robber who has an AK-47, the man went outside to make sure his wife arrived safely.

The robber pointed the AK-47 at the man, but the man pulled his weapon and shot the robber.

The robber, also known as 26-year-old Antione Cooper, is now on life support. He robbed a few people at a breakfast shop and this is the outcome. He gained a few bucks, but will probably lose his life.

People eating at Waffle House aren’t usually carrying boatloads of bills in their wallets, so poor Antoine could lose his life for a paltry sum of money.

If you’re going out like that, then you may as well rob the mint and go out strong.

People ordering a western omelette from the Waffle House probably don’t have thousands of dollars in their Levi’s jeans pocket. But they might have a legal license to carry a weapon and give a criminal a taste of their own evil.



My San Antonio Reports:A man with an AK-47 who robbed customers at a Waffle House in Texas is on life support after being shot by a customer with a licensed handgun.

According to the DeSoto Police Department, Antione Cooper, 26, entered the restaurant in the 1500 block of North Beckley Avenue at 2:30 a.m. Thursday. Patrons at the Waffle House told police Cooper robbed several customers before leaving the restaurant and entering the parking lot.

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