Thug Who Mocked Murdered Cop At Funeral Just Got INSANE Dose Of Karma As Soon As He Got Home

Prepare to be enraged!

A 16-year-old snot-nosed punk named Julien Rodriguez had the perfect location to watch the funeral processions leaving the Paradise Theater in the Bronx on Tuesday morning for slain New York Police Officer Miosotis. The apartment where the scumbag lives, probably rent free, was just around the corner on 188 St. So he decided it would be a great idea to pull one of the most disrespectful stunts against the police which have ever been seen during a funeral. He blasted NWA’s “Fuck tha Police,” put that track on repeat and blasted it out the window.

The music, if you can even call it that, played on until over 20 police officers showed up at his apartment door to tell him to turn it off. After a while of banging on the door and asking for him to turn off that crap, in both English and Spanish of course, he finally opened the door when the landlord showed up and threatened to evict his family if he didn’t knock it off.

When he finally opened the door, he explained that his brother and friend were both killed by the police, so since the police didn’t respect them, he wasn’t going to respect the police. He gave authorities the names of both of the people who he claims were killed, But conveniently, no one has been able to locate a death certificate for either individual. Nice try scumbag, deport this low life back to whatever cesspool he came from, I bet the police there will enjoy straightening him out.

Breitbart Reports:

Head of NYPD Union Slams Mayor Bill De Blasio for Flying to G20 Protests Day After Cop Killing

NEW YORK CITY—The head of the NYPD union slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday for flying to Germany to attend the G20 protests, even as the city still mourns the deadly shooting of a NYPD officer.

“New York City is right now mourning the loss of a police officer who was dedicated to the City of New York, and we have our mayor who has just gone to Germany to join protesters. Is this the type of city we want to live in?” NYPD sergeants union head Ed Mullins said on local radio show The Cats Roundtable, according to the New York Post.

Miosotis Familia, a 48-year-old mother-of-three, was shot in her police vehicle Wednesday by Alexander Bonds, who approached the vehicle and shot without warning. Bonds was chased down by police officers and shot dead.

But instead of staying in the city, de Blasio jetted off to Germany on Thursday for the protests beginning Friday to protest the G20 leaders meeting in Hamburg, including President Trump.

Mullins said the anti-cop atmosphere in the City had reached a “boiling point” and said it needed leadership from City Hall to dispel some of the anti-cop myths.

“We have a very anti-police atmosphere. We are not seeing any kind of leadership that comes out and explains the facts that are out there are not true—the police are not your enemy,” he said.

De Blasio has already been criticized by both the local media and political opponents for the ill-timed decision. He also missed a swearing-in ceremony for over 500 NYPD recruits, and his trip comes as the city’s subway system is under a state of emergency.

“Unbelievable. Instead of jet-setting around the world, he should be here doing his job,” New York State Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, the Republican candidate against de Blasio in November’s mayoral election, said last week. “A police officer was murdered, street homelessness has skyrocketed and people continue to get delayed on the trains.”

She later tweeted out a photoshopped image of de Blasio enjoying himself with beer and bratwurst.

On Monday, President Trump turned up the heat on de Blasio by retweeting a Fox News segment reporting on Mullins’ comments about de Blasio’s trip.

What the hell is going on in New York City? How did a city so grand go from having America’s Mayor, Mayor Rudy Guliani, to a Communist hack like Bill De Blasio in only 15 short years? Did 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama really damage us so badly that the disrespect this 16-year old showed is considered ok? Then again, how can we expect better then the mayor shows even worse disrespect.

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