Thug Who Raped & Executed Iraq Vet’s Wife, Just Got SHOCKING Dose Of Justice He Didn’t See Coming

A young twenty-seven-year-old man named Kesaun Sykes was just sentenced to death for savagely murdering a veteran of the Iraq war and his wife. The case stems from almost ten years ago in 2008. Sykes and three accomplices broke into the home of Iraq veteran Jan Pietrzak and his wife Qiana. They had only been married for two months.

It ended in a horrific rape and double murder. The four criminals forced the Iraq veteran to watch as they raped his wife. After they finished they tried burning down the house while they were still inside alive. But instead, they shot them both execution style.

One of them was given life without parole and two of them have already been given death sentences. The death penalty was never something that the Deputy District Attorney hesitated with. The District Attorney Daniel DeLimom said,

He earned his place on death row. If people are still alive, and you’re trying to burn the house down on top of them, obviously, you are in, you are in all the way.”

But Sykes lawyer Doug Myers made excuse after excuse for his client as to why he did not deserve the death penalty including the following,

A death sentence for Kesaun, who was not the actual killer, who did not direct the killings, and who was exposed to such awful abuse and neglect throughout most of his life, was not warranted.”

Clearly, these are not human beings but instead are animals. Sometimes animals need to be put down. It is a grave injustice to let someone like that walk free and it is a blessing from God they will never be able to see the light of day again. Hopefully, their stay on death row is quick and speedy so they can be off to where they truly belong.

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