Thugs Assault and Wrestle With Police While Screaming “Black Lives Matter”… Then Backup Arrives (VIDEO)

Here we go with another round of people being stupid and thinking they are above the law. This time a nitwit teenager REFUSES to listen to the police officer when the cop asks him to sit down after the teen was jaywalking in a non-jaywalking area.

I know what you’re thinking. Jaywalking is stupid. You’re right. It is. But as stupid as it is, it is still a rule in some areas, most likely a safety issue along some roads where people drive like maniacs.


In most cases the cops will give you a warning and tell you to cross at the corner. They will instruct you to remember the rules and please don’t do that again. Most cops don’t even want to give you a ticket for jaywalking because even the cops feel silly doing it.

However, rules are rules and we must obey them in order to live in a civilized world.

This cop asked the punk to sit down. The punk refused. At that moment the punk is already annoying. Just sit down and chat with the cop for a moment and everything will go fine. There’s NO point to argue when you clearly did something wrong. There’s no point to be a d-bag every time you encounter police. And under no circumstances do you ever reach out and GRAB a police officer. You’re asking for a beat down if that happens.

If anyone hasn’t realized by now that whenever you act like an ignoramus towards police, that is when they give you trouble back. It’s common sense. If you act polite and nice, they’ll act police and nice back. It’s human nature to throw shade back at moron thugs who throw it first.

Watch the video of Keyshawn Conley getting himself choked out by an awesome cop. Next time an officer tells you to sit down, then SIT DOWN. It’s not that hard. They are the POLICE and when the cops tell you to sit down, then sit yourself down and listen. If you get a ticket, then you can fight it in court instead of physically fighting with a police officer which could land you in prison or shot like Mike Brown.

Gateway Pundit – A black youth was caught on video resisting arrest in Fresno. The youth wrestled with the police officer for two minutes before the officer managed to arrest the teen for jaywalking.
His friend was screaming, “Black lives matter, mother f*cker!” while his friend resisted arrest.

I would be so embarrassed if this was my child and I would consider putting them up for adoption if they acted like this.

This is two disrespectful thugs spouting off at the mouth, acting like they’re above the law, saying “nigga” more times than a Lil Wayne song.

I can’t believe the nonsense that police have to deal with. This is a disgrace to the African American community and the parents of these children should teach them a lesson about respecting authority.

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