Thugs Beat 83-Year-Old Woman, Pistol Whip Her, and Set Her on Fire! [VIDEO]

5 criminals decided to take advantage of an 83-yr-old grandmother. 3 black males and 2 black females broke into Dorothy Dows home just after she had gone to bed. I guess these 5 people were Black Lives Matter people, because they believed it was their right to break into her home and steal from her.

Breaking and entering goes along with a common Black Lives Matter philosophy that various forms of stealing, thievery and thuggary are OK! Well known philosopher of the movement DeRay McKesson was even paid to teach these philosophies at Yale University. He ‘taught students that looting is a justifiable form of protest, similar to the Boston Tea Party’.

Breaking into the home of an 83-yr-old woman must be another acceptable and justifiable form of protest. They demanded she give them cash but when she refused the request they beat her with the butt of a handgun. As we have watched the various ‘protests’ or riots as I prefer to call them from the Black Lives Matter movement, it seems personal injury is another ‘form of justifiable protest’ as they drag people out of their cars to beat them and even kill some people. So beating grandma with a gun, then breaking her wrist seems like more of that ‘standing up for what you believe in’ philosophy from BLM. Additionally these FIVE people broke her hand, then broke her arm, THEN set her on fire before they left.

Even though she was beaten and on fire, grandma was able to put out the flames and call the police. THAT is one tough grandma to endure 5 entitled thugs and survive. Here is a video of the News story:

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