Thugs Burned Students American Flag, So Students Respond EPICALLY!

A student known as Ben Schofield who attends Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah had always proudly displayed the American flag flying on the back of his truck. However, things turned ugly for him this week when an unpatriotic derelict decided to vandalize his property in the most disgusting way.

A friend sent him a snapchat picture and message letting him know the flag he flew had been destroyed in the parking lot when someone lit it on fire.


Schofield told KSTU-TV,

“I had the flag flying normally. He took a picture and was like, ‘Merica or whatever, and then I get another one maybe an hour or so later, and he’s like, ‘Someone burned your flag.’”

It was one of the boys classmates who originally noticed the vandalizing. He was able to put it out thankfully and nobody got hurt. However, he was not able to put it out without doing damage. The fire was to far gone and damage was done to both the flag and the truck of the student. Schofield called the school immediately after he learned what happened. Schools officials reportedly assured him they would look into it.

He said,

I was pretty mad. I was pacing back and forth.”

He got support from friends and classmates alike. They came together to show their support and patriotism by deciding to fly the flag itself from each and every one of their vehicles.



Schofield said,

“I think its really important. It’s not just the material part of the flag, it’s the meaning behind it. We’re just showing that we can fly our flags, and we always will.”

The school released a statement in which they said they found out who the perpetrator was and that they are being punished. Their statement said,

Wasatch High School is investigating a Safe Schools violation which occurred in one of the school’s parking lots resulting in damage to another student’s vehicle. The student responsible has been identified and is cooperating with school officials and law enforcement. At the conclusion of the investigation, the student will be disciplined in accordance with district policy.”

It’s nice to know the schools are holding them responsible. That’s quite a change from what we usually hear. Nobody should be allowed to burn flags and get away with it. It is a disgrace and absolute disrespect to our veterans alike.

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