Thugs Who Chased And BEAT Trump Supporters Just Handed Brutal Dose Of Reality

The San Jose police should have never allowed what went on at this rally. This is despicable! The same for the mayor. Getting beat on at a rally is a crime. We have every right to gather peacefully.

Everyone of these paid thugs should be arrested and thrown in prison. Along with every leftist that paid these protesters to violently disrupt the rally.

From WJ

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s supporters who wanted to attend his rally in San Jose, California, were attacked by a mob, with many suffering injuries.

On Wednesday, three of the perpetrators were arrested by San Jose police. All were teens. Because of their ages, none was identified by name.

Police also issued an alert Wednesday for a fourth juvenile suspect who, like the other three, they had identified after searching through video of the June 2 rally.

A 16-year-old was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, after a Trump supporter in a yellow shirt was “walking on the sidewalk and struck from behind with a blunt object.” Read More

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