Massive Mob Of Rabid Thugs DESTROY Restaurant And Find SICK New Use For Metal Chairs—Watch What Happens!

A crazy fight broke out in a New York seafood eatery and it looked like an old school wrestling match. It looks like more chairs were in the air than on the ground, as brawlers threw chairs and beat each other with them.

There must be something in the shrimp if all these thugs start fighting at once. This is chaos! I really enjoyed watching this, but I feel bad for the eatery. Who wants to eat there after this happens. According to people who reported on it, this isn’t the first time a fight broke out. Apparently, there’s a problem with the patrons shopping there.

Nothing like some fried shrimp and chair across your forehead!

If you’ve ever watched an old ECW wrestling match, then this fight video brings back glorious memories.

Multiple people hurled chairs at one another in a wild brawl that engulfed a seafood restaurant in New York City, police said.

Video footage of the incident captured a scene of chaos at 9:45 p.m. Thursday night at Seafood City on City Island Avenue in the Bronx.

The video shows people using chairs as shields and throwing them all over the place across the restaurant dining room.

The video gained traction on social media Friday with the phrase, “Don’t go to City Island if you can’t fight,” the Daily Mail reported.

Seafood City’s management said alcohol was a factor in causing the fight, although the reason for the clash is unclear.

Restaurant management posted signs saying the restaurant closed as of 6 p.m. Friday and stopped serving alcohol.

Restaurant patrons say the fight is nothing new and is the latest of several violent outbursts that have happened as a result of a lack of security at the larger restaurants along City Island Avenue.

And now for the ECW version. It’s pretty close, right? This is from a night in Philadelphia over ten years ago. The difference between these thugs and the New York thugs? These guys get paid for it and it’s a controlled environment providing entertainment. The thugs in New York are just uncivilized people behaving badly.

If you’re going to throw chairs at people, then sign up to be a wrestler and make a few bucks. Yeah, I know, it would suck to get a job and put the welfare card away.

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