Racist THUGS Who Tortured Disabled Trump Supporter Just Got WORST News Of Their Lives!

Last month, four black teenagers in Chicago kidnapped a mentally disabled white teenager and proceeded to torture him over the course of two days.

All of it was live-streamed by one of the perpetrators over Facebook. A young black man is seen cutting the victim’s clothes off with a knife and cutting off a chunk of his hair, which draws blood. Comments of “Fuck white people! Fuck Donald Trump,” are heard from one suspect in the background.

The kidnapping was quickly dubbed the “Black Lives Matter kidnapping,” as while the perpetrators don’t have any direct connection to the group, they share the anti-white racism the group has been pushing.

The four perpetrators were quickly caught, taken in, and charged. Now, a month later, it’s becoming clear just how screwed they are.

As the Daily Mail reported:

Defense attorneys for the four suspects accused of tying up and torturing a mentally disabled man while they live streamed it on Facebook are complaining that the foursome have received death threats.

‘There was a posting that invited a Good Samaritan to publicly execute these defendants by law or if not by mob,’ Toppel told reporters. ‘And said anybody that supports them should be executed as well.’

Boo hoo.

Public defenders are representing all of the suspects.

The four were indicted Friday and their arraignment was scheduled for February 10. Previously, the judge had denied bail and asked the foursome ‘Where is your sense of decency?’

Among the charges the four face are aggravated kidnapping and two counts of committing a hate crime – one because of the victim’s race and the other because of his mental disabilities.

The suspects allegedly kidnapped the victim, who suffers from schizophrenia, on New Year’s Eve, tied him up, slashed and kicked him, and forced him to drink from a toilet.

While this wasn’t widely reported initially, the four apparently also tried to ransom off their victim to his mother for $300.
Whatever charge they end up receiving, no matter how harsh, will still be too good for these monsters.

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