Three Black Thugs Who Invaded An Elderly Man’s Home, NEVER Expected What Happened Next!

Two home invasions took place last night in San Antonio, Texas. During the two overnight incidents on the West Side of the city both victims were able to gain control of the situation. Information has been confirmed by the San Antonio Police Department Sgt. Thomas Brittain. The sergeant stated the home invasion occurred on Tuesday even prior to midnight on the 100 block of Farrel Drive. Residents heard loud banging on their windows before an intruder broke the front door down. He said,

“(The suspect) broke a window in the back, and then came in through the front door. Pretty much bust through the front door … with a bar.”

When the suspect who broke in came to the living room he was greeted by the homeowner with a .22 caliber rifle. Several shots were fired by the homeowner which hit the suspect in two different spots. The suspect immediately fled the scene and headed for the streets. Neighbors heard the commotion and called the police who later arrived and found the suspect with a shot to the chest and one to the arm.

The suspect was taken to University Hospital for treatment where doctors diagnosed him with non life threatening injuries and in stable condition. He is in his thirties. Just a mere hour later police responded to another shooting incident pertaining to yet another home invasion near the 800 block of Brownleaf Drive.

SAPD Sgt. Lena Smith spoke to the media about it. She stated that two men began knocking on doors around 1 o’clock in the morning. Both had handguns and one had two firearms. Smith said,

“Before they could open the door, the door was kicked in by two suspects.”

Once they broke into the home a struggle between the suspects and the homeowner ensued. The homeowner was luckily able to get one of the guns away from the intruder. Once that happened, bullets were shot. Responders arrived and sent one suspect to University Hospital who was critically injured. Smith said,

“The homeowner was defending himself, of course.”

Both intruders were shot. But prior to their arrival at the hospital they were in stable condition. If anything is clear from this story it is that the best way to protect yourself is to be a responsible gun owner. Because the best way to prevent gun violence is to teach proper gun safety. Had these homeowners not had their firearms they might have been the ones who were dead.

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