Black Lives Thugs Tried To EXECUTE St. Louis Cop, But Instead Instant Karma Ruined His Day!

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A man was fatally shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer when shots were fired on the officer. Chief Sam Dotson spoke at a press conference that the incident took place after 7:30 p.m. Two officers were driving in marked police cars and attempted to pull a Nissan Altima over that had out of state plates. They had had reports of an Altima speeding in the neighborhood of Baden.

The driver refused to pull over and continued to drive for at least two additional blocks on Gimblin Road which is north of St. Louis. The car eventually stopped in the middle of the road and the driver started to get out of the vehicle and then proceeded to run.

The police pursued the suspect on foot while the other officer took the passengers into custody. The suspect ran towards a home and then turned to fire a shot at the officer. After that the officer returned fire and killed the suspect.

The investigation indicated the suspect tried attempting more shots but their was a firearm malfunction. As reported by Chief Dotson. A shell casing matching the gun was found on the scene.


The suspect was a convicted felon, 38 years old and had previous parole violations. The dash came showed the Altima stopping in the middle of the road and the suspect fleeing. But it didn’t get the shooting. Officers are looking to see if anyone has video of the incident. The officer involved was placed on administrative leave while the Force Investigative Unit investigates.

The investigation continues and the identity of the man killed is unknown.

Chief Dotson said,

This is the second time this week that criminals in the community thought it was okay to shoot at police officers, armed with guns, firing at police officers. That has to stop. It’s putting our community at risk, it’s putting our officers at risk. We have to do better than that. The message to the community is your police officers are protecting you and doing their job. We’ve seen it all week long. Our officer do a great job every night and are doing what the community asks of them.”

True point.