Here’s a case of black-on-black violent crime that hasn’t seen the light of day on the desks of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder or President Barack Obama — all race-baiters extraordinaire.

Three black thugs gunned down an innocent black teen who was not only a sophomore at the University of Memphis, but also a brand new father.

T.K. Hancock, 19, was gunned down while sitting inside his own car in the parking lot of a library.

Why did the three gang-affiliated thugs kill this young man who obviously wanted to do something with his life? Reportedly because they wanted his phone.

What makes this case even worse is what’s happened since the awful crime took place five years ago. Local reporters recently were alerted by Hancock’s family that the killer thugs who gunned Hancock down in cold blood are now up-and-coming prison rap stars.

The trio have managed to make dozens of rap videos, which they produced with contraband phones behind bars. They’re regularly seen in the videos on Facebook and other music sharing sites and often have gang-member friends on the outside professionally edit the videos.

Two of the three convicted killers were even sharing a cell together for nearly two years at a Tipton correctional facility. How does that work?

Obviously, Hancock’s family are furious over what’s happening.

“It’s kind of like reopening a wound,” Hancock’s sister told reporters. “We grieved for five years and tried to let it go and then all this pops back up again and it’s just hurtful all over again.” (H/T TPNN)

Not only were the convicted thugs having fun and making rap videos, but it was discovered that they were sending hidden messages in the videos to their gang-member friends on the outside — typically signaling for drugs or other illegal contraband.

This is the American justice system under President Barack Obama.

And your tax dollars at work.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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