Group Of THUGS In Hollywood See A Homeless Man, Then BRUTALLY Assault Him! (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night an LA commuter captured dramatic footage of an attack on an elderly homeless man. The attack occurred around 1 am, in a Hollywood subway station. The video shows a white male knocking a black man to the ground. The black man is believed to be homeless, he was using the subway station as a place of refuge.

Lake Cunningham was witness to the attack, capturing the footage on his cell phone. He describing the attack as a “senseless crime”. In the video, it shows a black elderly man in a dark colored jacket exchange words with two young white men on the train platform. “You can see some verbal exchange, not sure if it was a verbal altercation,” Cunningham said in a statement. A few seconds later, one of the young men removes his light gray hoodie and white shirt, preparing to fight the homeless man. The other young man kicks a black bag out of the homeless man’s reach. Out of nowhere, a vicious blow to the head knocks the black man off his feet falling forward, close to the edge of the platform.



The man lay on the ground, stunned by the punch to the head, and the attack continued. Cunningham witnessed the victim being kicked in the mouth as he lay on the platform. After the attack “I followed the guy and he had no teeth in his mouth. He had his teeth knocked out and he was bleeding all over the place,” lake said. It is not known if the black bag belonged to the victim, but one of the young men can be seen in the video walking off with it.


Cunningham said there were plenty of passerby’s who watched the attack, but no-one did anything to help. Lake was not sure what provoked the attack, “But whatever it was it didn’t warrant an assault because it didn’t appear the victim was a threat to the other gentleman.”, lake commented. Paramedics were called, but before they could get to the scene the two young men had left, and the victim was also gone. LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Ramon Montenegro said investigators are reviewing the Cunningham’s footage along with security cameras to find out what may have led to the attack.

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