Thugs Stab Vet And Then Go After His Girlfriend, Don’t Realize MASSIVE Mistake Until It’s Too Late

Neil McCarthy, 27, and his girlfriend Carisa Lerner, 26, were taking a romantic stroll when they saw three men awkwardly walking directly towards them. Think what you will, but when I see three guys walking towards me, I know something is about to happen. And something did happen. The three men began to fight and rob McCarthy and Lerner, but that was their first mistake.

The thugs didn’t know McCarthy was a veteran. Once they laid a hand on his girlfriend, that’s when all bets were off. This robbery was about to turn into a triple homicide! McCarthy fought back, got the thugs off his woman, and managed to get a knife away from the attackers. He was stabbed in the battle, but he emerged victorious. The thugs all ran away and were eventually apprehended by police.

This happens too much in Chicago and their mayor doesn’t seem very active in reducing crime. You can turn on a police scanner and it sounds like you’re in a third world country fighting a war. Chicago has become a war zone and it’s only a matter of time until Trump sends the troops in.

When the attackers approached, the one holding a knife demanded his phone and wallet, which he gave them. But then he saw his girlfriend being roughed up by the third attacker, then it was over as the former member of the Royal Air Force thought he could handle all three men. He got the man off his girlfriend but was attacked by the others – stabbed in the shoulder, punched in the face. McCarthy was able to get the knife and the three ran away. The suspects got away with his wallet and passport and Lerner’s credit cards, but she says she feared the worst as she looked at her boyfriend’s knife wound.

Neil McCarthy and his attackers

Sounds like a typical night in Chicago. That city has become a war zone and President Trump has stated several times that if their democrat mayor doesn’t fix things up, then he’s sending in the troops to make it happen.

It’s a shame when such a nice city becomes a terrible place to be. The amount of crime and shootings there is reaching unthinkable levels. How much longer is that city going to wait until they turn a page and start doing things right? What’s wrong with Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Why can’t he figure out a way to reduce crime in his windy city?

Is there a pattern with democrat ran cities? High levels of poverty? High levels of crime?

It’s a shame that a veteran and his lady can’t walk the streets of Chicago without getting robbed by thugs.

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