Black Thugs Steal Dallas Woman’s iPhone Out Of Her Purse – She Gets BRUTAL Payback Days Later!

A pair of alleged iPhone thieves proves why today’s criminals could be the most stupid people in the history of crime. A woman in Dallas who had her iPhone stolen got a surprise days later when the gods of karma put a jolt of hilarious justice on the suspects.

The alleged thieves, the idiots that they are, were stupid enough to take selfies with their freshly stolen iPhone. Today’s young criminals are all about selfies and getting Facebook likes and instant gratification for their crimes. They have little brains and even worse rewards. They don’t even care if they get caught as long as they had a good selfie or got some likes out of it.

When these two dolts took selfies on the stolen iPhone, those pictures were uploaded to the woman’s cloud. People kept contacting her to see who these boys were and what they were doing in her pictures.

That’s when she remembered the day her phone was stolen. It was when she went to the ATM and some boys were asking for donations. She went to the machine, then back to her car, and her phone was gone. They literally stole the phone when she was walking to the ATM. And now those thieves are plastered all over the Internet just waiting to be arrested!

– A Dallas woman has a pretty good idea who may have stolen her phone in Uptown a few days ago.

It’s because whoever has the woman’s phone now didn’t realize any pictures or video they’d take would end up coming right back to her.

Bianca Dabi says she was making a quick stop at the Chase Bank ATM on Lemmon and McKinney last Saturday when she was approached by a group of teens asking for donations.
“As I got out of the car, some kids were asking for some donations. I brushed them off, was in a hurry,” she recalled. “ATM then back to my car. Phone’s gone. Took about 60 or 90 seconds.”

Dabi says she cut the phone as a loss. But days later, she was at the store getting a new one when new pictures and a video showed up that were automatically uploaded to her iCloud.

“When I saw those pictures, I was just shocked. And, actually, I thought it was kind of funny,” she said. “I was like no, they really didn’t take a video and a picture on a stolen phone.”

So Dabi decided to post the pictures and video on Facebook, where it just blew up from there.

Always lock your doors and shut your windows when there’s a group of unruly teenagers near your car. Teens will steal anything these days. They’ll reach right into your car windows and steal your belongings while you’re just a few feet away. As long as you’re not looking, they’ll take it. Sometimes they’ll take it when you are looking. A teenager on a bike has a fast getaway!

When you’re done reading this, then take the time to secure your phone. You can use apps like Find My iPhone and make sure the cloud is activated. This helps if you lose your phone or it gets stolen. Fortunately for us, the people who steal phones often do something silly with them to get a good laugh or show off to friends. Unfortunately for them, it results in them getting arrested.

People should realize that stealing phones is no longer worth it. There are too many ways for people to catch the culprit. Technology using GPS can even pinpoint the location of your device and lead police to the exact location to arrest the person holding it.

There’s an app for that.

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