BOOM! Tim Allen Destroys ‘Hollywood Liberals’ in Epic Video Clip, This is Why We Love Him

Hollywood is known to be a liberal refuge, but not all celebrities are devoted Democrats — some celebrities still manage to think for themselves. Tim Allen is not just another liberal celebrity drone, and he recently appeared on Fox News with Megyn Kelly. The two of them discussed the recent election, as well as how liberals have reacted to Donald Trump’s victory, and he had some harsh words for Hollywood’s liberal celebrities.

In the interview, Allen pointed right at liberals for their hypocrisy. “It gets a little hypocritical to me that you can now bully people,” he said.

Trump and his team have received no shortage of not only criticism, but arguably, harassment from angry liberals. Vice President-Elect Mike Pence was heckled and made to sit through a lecture at the Broadway show “Hamilton”. Melania Trump was not only mocked at an awards show recently, but people stood outside her home inside Trump Tower with signs that said “Rape Melania”. It goes on and on, and God only knows that if this kind of behavior had happened to the Obamas, liberals would be furious.

Liberals constantly complain about bullying and how there is an epidemic that needs to be stopped. Yet they are some of the biggest bullies out there. Good for Tim Allen for calling them on it.

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