[sociallocker]In the June issue of Time Magazine, they explore the cost and fallout that follows the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap.  The swap now puts more Americans at risk as terrorist now know the US will in fact bow to their demands.[/sociallocker]

Checkout Sgt 1st Class Allen’s welcome home  and tell me if the Bergdahl swap was worth it, Allen was severely wounded in the search for Bergdahl and his life is for ever changed, just a sad story.  See what Allen’s wife has to say about the release of Bergdahl.

You tell me was he worth giving up high value terrorist leaders for?  All the lives that were taken searching for him in Afghanistan? Bowe put himself in the position he was in by deserting his post, America’s policy of leave no man behind applies to honorable soldiers, and according to the statement Bergdahl’s platoon members made on their Fox News interview which was featured on Wounded American Warrior  There was one thing they were all sure of, Bergdahl deserted his post to seek out Taliban members, and that he deserves a court martial date.

Check out the June 16 cover and accompanying cover story, “WAS HE WORTH IT? – The cost of bringing Sgt. Bergdahl home.”

Time Magazine cover June 2014
Time Magazine cover June 2014
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