Tired Of Being Robbed, Gas Station Owner Puts Up This Sign That Has The Liberals SCREAMING

This gas owners solution to being robbed is driving liberals mad – so you know it must be something that works.

When police are minutes away, seconds count. After Frank Schwagel’s gas station was robbed twice in only three months, he decided to take things into his own hands. For the sake of his employee’s safety, he decided to add a creative new discount for his employees, which you can see on the sign below:

signAs WJon reports:

A Sauk Rapids convenience store is offering a unique gas discount, in an effort to fight back against a rash of armed robberies.

The Shell gas station at 400 South Benton Drive posted a sign in their door earlier this week that says “Gas Discount for law enforcement, or people with proof of permit to carry, .10 cents off per gallon after 7:00 p.m. daily”.

Just trying to bring it to people’s attention that there’s been some robberies going on around town. And, these guys are coming in with guns and knives and threatening our employees. It’s pretty disconcerting. I just figured anything I can do to draw attention to the problem.

Owner Frank Schwagel says he’s hoping the promotion will increase foot traffic in his store during the evening hours.

We’ve had to spend a lot of extra money on security, to try to keep an eye on the store during all hours of the day. I’m also paying people to keep an eye on the store independently. We’re just hoping these guys get caught.


It’s driving liberals mad – but it’s boosted his business to the point where the discount more than pays for itself. If Americans really were buying the gun control propaganda that liberals were selling, you’d expect a stunt like this to boycott faster than a Chick-fil-A boycott.

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