TOLERANCE! Muslim Migrants Violently Attack Sympathetic 60 Minutes Crew

From Louder With Crowder

It’s nice when leftist news outlets like 60 Minutes want to tell the story of the poor migrants and their plight as they travel across Europe. In the past, 60 Minutes in the past has invariably attempted to present a politically correct, sympathetic view of the rapefugee refugee crisis, bordering on propaganda. The tone has shifted very recently however, and It’s karma when they find out a few inconvenient truths.


An Australian news crew reporting on the “migrant crisis” in Stockholm, Sweden, was violently attacked by African Muslims in what was described as an Islamic enclave in the country’s capital city.

Upon entering an area inhabited by “mostly Somali migrants,” the news crew was accosted. At one point, the narrator states that a Somali motorist attempted to “deliberately [run] down” her cameraman. Following this incident, the news crew contacts the local police.

“[Swedish police] feel their presence will be provocative,” reports the narrator, indirectly evoking the growth of lawless Islamic ghettos across Europe resulting from left-wing policies of multiculturalism and mass immigration.

Prior to entering the minority ethnic ghetto, a male Swedish police officer advises the crew to leave him behind lest his presence be perceived as an affront to its residents. The police opt to observe the camera crew from a distance.

Apparently they weren’t paying attention to Jude Law and what happened to him. No seriously, read our story on “Pro-Refugee Jude Law Visits Refugee Camp… Gets Violently Assaulted” here. Now, people like Jude Law and programs like 60 Minutes are not exactly known as arms of the anti-immigrant, “xenophobic” right wing conspiracy. As a general rule, I think it’s safe to say that they lean pretty far to the left. If by “pretty far,” you mean “entirely for decades.” But if you watch the long-form of this piece for 60 Minutes, it seems like even the patience among these production crews are wearing thin. If they began to see the light by the staggering statistics coming out of Europe, their eyes were likely fully opened when these refugees tried to run them over with a motorized scooter. On camera.

Anchorman Regret Decision GIF

Here’s something else to think about. This was an entire crew of people who were assaulted, while the migrants knew they were being filmed. Obviously a group of people provides more safety than traveling alone. For reference, see your local Kindergarten’s “buddy system.” Even more, full-on rolling cameras tend to act as a strong deterrent to crime. What with evidence and what have you.

Yet these Islamic migrants still violently and repeatedly attacked the crew. It begs the question, what do you think they do to women walking alone without any cameras? It’s a scary thought. Scary because you’re so racist. Or something. Islam is a race now, haven’t you heard? Stop being racist.

Want to know why this problem is ongoing? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with Islam’s “holiest prophet,” Muhammad (pedophilia be upon him) and his teachings. Watch the short video below to learn more.

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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