Tom Selleck Is A REAL DEAL PATRIOT… Watch Him Stand Up For The American Flag!

I’ve always loved Tom Selleck. Not just because he’s incredibly handsome, or the fact that he’s a fantastic actor. He’s a conservative’s conservative and a true patriot. In his role as police commissioner on Blue Bloods, the real man shines through. In an episode from last year, Selleck faces off with a protester, who is ironically named Gore. The young man wants to burn an American flag in protest at a veteran’s memorial. Something that is sure to gin up anger and violence. Selleck tells him so and the guy seems to have an answer for every point he makes, except the last one: Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence. So many people could learn from that quote, especially Black Lives Matter.

As Selleck’s character, Reagan, predicted, a riot ensues and violence and chaos follows. And predictably, Gore tries to throw shade on the police just as Black Lives Matter is wont to do. Selleck flatly states that the police did their job and he was warned that actions have consequences. Frank Reagan: “That flag, that you consider a prop and a stunt, has draped the coffins of Americans who died to give you the right to ignore that sacrifice,” Selleck’s character states. “You’re spitting on their graves.” And that is exactly what Black Lives Matter does every time they burn or stomp on a flag… every time they kneel or sit during the National Anthem… every time they harass and hunt the police… they are disrespecting not only America, but those who serve her and those who have died in her defense.

From Mr. Conservative:

Tom Selleck has never been afraid to take a stand for patriotism in the liberal world of Hollywood. He did this once again this week in an episode of his hit CBS television show Blue Bloods.

The episode is titled “Flags of Our Fathers,” and in it Selleck’s conservative character Frank Reagan comes in contact with a crazed liberal named Gore, who organizes a protest to burn the American flag at a veteran’s memorial.

According to Conservative Tribune, Reagan tried to talk Gore out of burning the American flag, telling him that he will lose any sympathy for his message by burning the flag.

The liberal, however, won’t hear any of it and moves forward with burning the flag. Before he leaves, Reagan tells Gore that only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.

This scene was never more appropriate than it is today. You have Obama encouraging race-baiters to burn the American flag and cause unrest in our streets. It’s a rarity that someone such as Tom Selleck brings the truth forward through their art. There are conservatives in Hollywood, but they don’t show themselves typically because of the backlash from the liberal majority. Selleck has always acted the way he is… conservative and pro-American.

It’s a pity not more shows are like Blue Bloods and Last Man Standing. We sorely need them. And it is also a shame that more don’t have the strong conservative convictions of the likes of Tom Selleck and Tim Allen. Those are real patriots and brave men to boot.

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