Tomi Lahren Reveals SICKENING Thing Black Racist Thugs Did To Her While Walking Alone In DC At Night

The beautiful and famously vicious right wing commentator was nearly beaten to shreds by racist thugs in DC. She had to take a brisk walk alone, and before you know it, she was close to being gang pummeled by some haters.

If you know who Tomi is, then you know she’s a strong gal, but very petite. A gang of black fellas would eventually have their way with her if they attacked her.

She claims to have been close to experiencing that and we’re glad she didn’t.


TMZ reports – Tomi Lahren says it’s no wonder a lot of Donald Trump supporters were no-shows at the inauguration, because she says she was attacked by a left wing mob right in the street.

We got the super conservative talk show host in D.C. Saturday night, where she mocked what she called the “loving, intolerant left.”

She says the viciousness in the air is why the Trump crowd was smaller than other inaugurations.

It’s great that Tomi is OK, however, there were many fights and displays of meaningless violence from the leftists.

Let’s just say this – the protesters bashed in the windows of a Starbucks storefront. Starbucks is a highly liberal company. So the protesters who hate Trump were soooooooo stupid that they destroyed a business owned by a company who probably also hates Trump.

Do you now see how stupid these people really are?

It’s not white vs black.

It’s not republican vs democrat.

It’s smart vs stupid.

There’s no other way to explain their senseless acts of violence. I guess they have all this rage built up from years of being stupid that they lash out during big events and host protests, which to me are called LOSER PARADES.

If there’s any white blond who should be surrounded by numerous black men, then it’s Madonna. She would love to have her heels on a headboard while a gang of thugs destroys the aging ho-bag.

She owes 50 million sex acts to all her Hillary voters. Still waiting on her to pay up. It’s something you would see on Cinemax after 2 am. I think it’s called Granny Does Democrats.

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