Tomi Lahren Finally Has Enough Of Megyn Kelly’s BULLSH*T And GETS EXPLOSIVE ON HER!

The Blaze host Tomi Lahren has spent the last few weeks appearing on several different mainstream media outlets to increase her profile. She met with Trevor Noah of the Daily Show and went on Fox News as well as CNN. Now she is blasting Fox News host Megyn Kelly!

Kelly has received a lot of criticism from conservatives as well as members of her own show audience when she made anti Donald Trump remarks that played into their election season feud. Lahren agrees with that criticism. Last week she made negative comments about Pamela Geller, a premiere anti radical Islam warrior and Lahren spoke out against Kelly because of it.

Geller’s work has exposed radical Islamic terrorists and their elaborate plans making America safer if she were not working in the arena. She has done everything in her power to keep Sharia Law away from the United States. As a result she has become a ISIS target and staple of the modern American conservative movement.

Kelly bashed Geller during a segment of an NPR interview with Robert Spencer. She depicted Geller as a bigot and a racist who hates Muslim’s. The Fox News anchor specifically pointed to a time back in 2015 when Geller called for a “Draw a Muhammad” contest.

Lahren decided to invite Geller on her show to discuss Kelly’s comments. After playing the clip of what Kelly said about Geller Tomi had Geller on her show conferencing in via video. Geller said the following,

“I was taken aback by it. Because clearly she does not understand freedom of speech. And how does this woman categorize my work as hateful when she hasn’t read my books. She’s never had me on the show even though she covered the Garland jihad attack. I have to say, what has Megyn Kelly done.”

Lahren insisted that had she closed her eyes and simply listened to Kelly’s segment that she would have assumed it was a liberal mainstream media anchor or pundit giving answers in the interview. She would not have expected it to come from Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

Watch Tomi’s entire interview with Geller here.

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