Tomi Lahren Absolutely Crushes MTV’s Racist Video Telling White Men To Stop Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

MTV still has a channel?

I stopped watching MTV when the M stopped meaning “MUSIC” and began standing for “MUNDANEBULLSH*T.”

Seems like MTV dives deeper into the turd swamp to swim in the brown liberal tears of the feminists, cross dressers, safe spacers, everyone who isn’t white-ers, and transgender-ers to remind America that 1 – America SUCKS and 2 – White people really suck, especially white guys.


These are the same kind of loser faces you would see at a Buzzfeed or Huffington Post editorial meeting. Beta males and ugly chicks. Except for the one on the bottom left. If she stopped talking, then I’d maybe give her half my phone number.

If America wasn’t so great, then illegal immigrants wouldn’t stuff themselves into the bucket seat of a minivan and suffocate for three hours trying to sneak in because America sucks. No one does that to sneak into a country that is below average. People break into this country because it’s already great. Team America, f*ck yeah!

White guys are awesome. So are white girls and little white babies. Actually, everyone is pretty awesome when you think about it. It doesn’t matter what color you are. Most people don’t care about color, they care about your actions.

Only liberals and democrats make things about color, and that’s mostly because liberals and democrats are losers.

However, just about everyone you meet is awesome in one way or another and it’s not ever because of their color, race, or religion.

You don’t meet people and say things like “Oh my gosh, that person is so cool because they’re so black” or “I can’t wait to hang out again, you’re so Asian!”

Nope. That doesn’t happen.

Everyone is already great and when they come together, they do great things – except the liberals and democrats again. They’re like the dumpster baby rejects of society. They’re all d*ckless little fleas on the bushy back of a feral cat.

That’s exactly what the producers at MTV must be – little rabid democrat/liberal fleas looking for a bite of blood. They’re just ridiculously bad people.

On the contrary, people of every color, race, and religion have accomplished millions of amazing feats and continue to do so. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they believe in (except libturds). Some people are just great at something special and it’s not because they’re white.

No one accomplishes anything because they’re white and have white privileges. Ask the two white guys who lost to Obama how that worked out for them. Obama beat two white guys to be President for eight years. If white privs were a real thing, then where was it in 2008 and 2012? I guess it went missing with those 30,000 emails from the Clinton server.

Anyone who tells you white privilege is a real thing, is 99% unhappy and a lazy degenerate who hates their life. The only people who blame others for their own failures are BUMS.

If you don’t like your life, then do something about it, and stop being a BUM.

No one holds you down but yourself.

Stop crying in a safe space and get your lazy good for nothing self off the Internet and start being productive. Stop begging for handouts, stop annoying people with your protests, and stop being a loser.

Start being a winner.

Watch and learn, lib-tits.

MTV and the hideous videos from their hacky dogsh*t producers would be better off behind a dumpster hanging out with Brock Turner, the Stanford Rapist.

With that said, I hope the next season of Teen Mom is all girls knocked up by half-blind Bill Cosby.

That might be as good as the OJ trial.

If you think I’m just another random guy pulling the udders of a cute faced political chick, then you couldn’t be more wrong. I’d let her take a chance with the king, but that doesn’t mean I’m fawning over her like everyone else with a box of tissues and some Lubriderm.

I don’t need to like everyone who has the same views as me. She makes great points, but I’d be better off not listening to her high pitched voice.

Tomi’s voice annoys me and I can’t watch her videos without turning the volume off. She makes great points about the d*ckless liberal rats from MTV, but it’s just not music to my ears.

I don’t like cute chicks talking politics because there’s no power felt in their message, even when their message is pinpoint spot on. Women with high pitched voices should stick to writing articles.

Show me some Tucker Carlson and I’m down for the show.

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