Top Cardinal: Islam Wants To Conquer The World, And Hillary Will Let It

Cardinal Raymond Burke accused Westerners of being too weak to acknowledge the incompatibility between Islam and Christianity. He said that Muslims highest goal is conquest and power over the world. He accuses Islamists of wanting to use their own sharia law against Christians and other infidels.

He accused Christians for allowing this because they’re generally unable to defend their own Christian faith. He said that the biggest lie of Christians is that they believed that Muslims believe in the same God and that loves unites us all. He accused Christians of neglecting to proclaim the fundamental truths of their own beliefs; that ‘there is only one Savior of the world: Jesus Christ. We must not proselytize, imposing Christianity, but if we believe in Jesus it is our duty to bear witness.’

Burke is a very traditional Cardinal in the Catholic Church and discussed the threats that Islam poses to the west.
“Islam is a threat in the sense that for the true Muslim, Allah must rule the world. Christ said in the Gospel: ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’. By contrast, the Islamic religion which is based on the law of the Koran aims to govern all countries where there are Muslims. While they are the minority they cannot insist, but when they become the majority they must apply the Sharia.”

He warned that this is already present in Muslim-majority neighborhoods. He called out the “no-go zones” like Molenbeek. He said these were a result of not integrating immigrants. He then brings up the history of Muslims in Europe was that their aim has always been to expand Islam in Europe. He said that Islams new expansion plan has been high birth rate and high immigration. We’ve watched this through the imposing rate of Muslim refugees crowding in all over the world.

Quoting this from some “Islamists have said ‘What we failed to do with weapons in the past, we are doing today with birth rate and immigration.’ However, the blame for all this lies squarely on the decline of Western society.”

“All this happens through the corruption of the West. There are not enough families. We supinely accept practices that are contrary to the natural law, such as abortion or so-called “marriage” between persons of the same sex. It is proof that we are not strong enough in faith, and easy prey for conquest.”

Ironically, the Democrat candidate running for President according to Cardinal Burke, Hillary Clinton is the epitome of what’s wrong with the West. A huge proponent of the practice of killing babies in the womb she promised that “I’ve been proud to stand with Planned Parenthood for a long time, and, as president, I will always have your back.” Then promising that she would always ensure government funding for Planned Parenthood.

Additionally despite Hillary Clinton having supported the idea that the marriage decisions should be left up to the states, she weakened her position from tremendous pressure from far left Liberals. She couldn’t run for office for the Democrat Party if she didn’t support their platform and easily flipped her position to be anti-gay marriage to being pro-gay marriage.

The murder of innocents and the destruction of traditional marriage (marriage is between a man and a woman) are definitely issues that have weakened western society and their strength in following the one true God. It is no surprise then that the Cardinal believes that Christians soon won’t have the strength to fight against the power of Muslim influx and Sharia law. What do you think of the Cardinals philosophy?

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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