Top Democrats Do UNTHINKABLE To Widow of Navy SEAL the Moment She Stood Up In Front Of Millions

Liberals keep showing us their true colors and last night it reached the epitome of classlessness and evil. Tuesday night, President Trump gave a speech in front of Congress in what was not only the best speech of his career, but one of the most incredible presidential speeches of all time. The underlying theme was obvious to the crowd and the millions of Americans who had tuned in, which was a tribute to the widow of Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens.

As Trump delivered his powerful and emotional speech and led a round of applause that lasted for over 3 minutes, the tearful widow looked up to heaven and mouthed “I love you baby” as her only comfort was the support of the crowd and and the hope that her husband was somewhere witnessing the incredible moment.

Now this was a shining moment that both Republicans and Democrats could unite on. Honoring the man who gave his life to preserve our nation’s freedom, and paying tribute to the grieving widow who was still an obvious emotional wreck from losing her husband. But several top Democrats just decided to sit on their asses, refusing to clap as the incredible moment passed. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,  Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz along with others just sat as cameras panned the crowd, at this point three minutes into the standing ovation. Take a look at the right side of this screenshot:

Here’s a close-up of several smug Democrats who give zero craps about fallen Soldiers or grieving widows who gave them the right to live in a free country and sit on their asses:

Keith Ellison and Debbie Debbie Wasserman Schultz sit on their ungrateful asses

Oh but this was just the beginning of the disgusting display. Democrats weren’t quite done yet showing the nation their true disgusting souls. They then took to social media to MOCK the widow….

I honestly have no words at this point. Like I’ve said time and time again, liberals are the most foul and disgusting humans on the face of the planet and if this incident doesn’t just freaking prove it, I’m not sure what does. Last night had nothing to do with politics or being a Republican or a Democrat. It was about honoring our Navy SEAL who gave everything to defend our rights as Americans and pay tribute to his widow. These people seriously have no soul left.

Here’s the entire video of the speech in case you missed it:

H/T [Daily Wire]

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