(Daily Caller)Respected George Washington University hospital laboratory director Dr. Jonathan Reiner exposed the Obama administration’s flawed and inaccurate health advice for citizens during the Ebola outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came under fire Wednesday after it was revealed that officials advised Dallas nurse Amber Vinson that she could board a Frontier Airlines flight to Ohio with a mild fever after she treated Ebola patient Thomas Duncan. Vinson was later diagnosed with Ebola.

CDC’s website instructions are “unacceptable” and could expose those who follow them to contamination, Reiner said.

“This is from CDC web page for Ebola personal protective equipment,” Reiner tweeted late Wednesday night. “Notice exposed skin at face & neck. Unacceptable.”


“Follow these instructions from CDC website for removing gloves & you risk contamination,” Reiner added. “Not how to do it.”
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