Top Pediatricians Argue Encouraging Kids To Be Transgender Is Child Abuse

Life is confusing enough growing up. Adding gender confusion in the mix could make life just unbearable. The American College of Pediatricians released a new paper this month on a mental illness called ‘Gender Dysphoria in Children’ that is becoming all the rage for some parents. They argue that teaching children to explore the pseudo-science of gender dysphoria, more commonly known as transgenderism, is blatant child abuse.

“GD is a problem that resides in the mind not in the body,” the paper, available for review here, reads. “Children with GD do not have a disordered body — even though they feel as if they do. Likewise, although many men with GD express the belief that they are a ‘feminine essence’ trapped in a male body, this belief has no scientific basis.”

The paper adds that “conditioning children to believe” otherwise — to believe that it is healthy to attempt to live one’s life as the opposite sex — amounts to “child abuse.”

Furthermore, the perpetrators are more than just the parents.

“Social reinforcement, parental psychopathology, family dynamics, and social contagion facilitated by mainstream and social media, all contribute to the development and/or persistence of GD in some vulnerable children,” the paper explained.

In short, the attitude of ‘transgender empowerment’ propped up by both parents and liberal mainstream culture only aggravates the illness by making it seem as if the disorder “were something to be ‘explored’ and ‘discovered.’”

Should we encourage a perfectly physically healthy schizophrenic to ‘explore’ their condition instead of treating their condition? Or a drug/sex addict to feed into their addiction, rather than treat it? Gender dysphoria is NOT a physical condition but is proven by medical SCIENCE to be a mental condition. Shouldn’t it be treated then the same way other mental disorders are treated or are we to go back a hundred years when they mutilated people’s brains because of their condition. Counseling and medication are the best treatments for mental disorders which is why mental facilities no longer drill holes into people’s heads and scramble brains, so why are we allowing children and their parents to mutilate and confuse their physical bodies.

Should these parents and ‘doctors’ who refuse to treat gender dysphoria with traditional counseling and meds be arrested for child abuse?

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