Top Sheriff SLAMS Obama Regime For Creating ‘Sanctuary Deserts’

From Mad World News

Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Arizona has some news which is stunning for many reasons, chief among them is the vacating of sections of desert, turning them over to human traffickers, smugglers, illegal aliens, and most probably terrorists. In essence, our own Department of Homeland Security is creating sanctuary deserts for criminals, ordering border patrol to “keep out.”

It represents a complete abdication of responsibility for the protection of our nation and its citizens by the Department of Homeland Security. Terrorists, cartels, and smugglers can now operate freely through an avenue of lawlessness — Border Patrol no-go areas mandated by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. They have effectively created these sanctuary deserts, which are safe operating zones for illegal and threatening activities.

Under the outlaw Obama regime, the lawlessness has progressed from the nullification and refusal to enforce immigration and other laws to disciplinary action, including termination for Border Patrol agents enforcing the law. Now, DHS is creating safe zones for trafficking and smuggling. There seems to be no end to the levels to which our national security will continue to degrade and deteriorate under this Obama cartel.

Neil Cavuto describes the message being sent by DHS to Border Patrol, saying, “Don’t go into areas where we’re going to find illegals.” He asks Sheriff Babeu, “What’s going on here?”

Babeu says, “This is shocking. I stood with Border Patrol agents Brandon Judd and other leaders right here from Arizona as well as from Texas, the top sectors that are being overrun. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of illegals that are coming in, and we pointed out there’s not just a 25% increase in the first four months of this fiscal year, there’s a 102% increase in unaccompanied juveniles and 170% year over year increase in family units.”

He continues, “And so, you don’t have to be a Border Patrol agent to figure out what’s happening here. And the ‘president’ and what is disturbing is that these Border Patrol agents are not only releasing these illegals out the front door, in many cases they’re not giving an NTA (Notice to Appear).” Babeu notes that the NTA was a joke to begin with, since most never showed for their court hearing, but now they’re not even bothering with the charade of the paperwork anymore.

Cavuto asks for Babeu’s take on why this is happening, aside from being potentially able to undercount the number of illegals by staying in areas where there are few crossings attempted, asking if it could be in the interest of agent safety.

Babeu chuckles at that possibility, remarking, “When we have to worry about the safety of our officers and relinquish parts of our own country, where they have signs in my own county, written in English, that it’s dangerous for American citizens to travel because there are cartel members there, we’ve got a problem here. And that’s what Brandon said, I said today, is that this is intentional. These are deliberate plans, the finishing touches, if you will, of ‘president’ Barack Obama on completely gutting our immigration laws. And this is lawlessness at its best here.”

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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