Top Texas Congressman Drops BOMBSHELL About Ted Cruz That INFURIATED His Supporters! (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz took the stage last week at the Republican convention in Cleveland. He was not too far into his speech when he promptly took a stab at Donald Trump, making it quite clear that he will be running for President again in 2020. (That’s if Trump wins. If Hillary wins well…will there still be an America?)

Cruz went on to congratulate Trump on his winning of the nomination. Quickly he changed the subject to focus on the Dallas police shootings.

Smart guy. He buried Trump, and launched into a 2020 campaign speech about terrorism. Brilliant… whether he’s your guy or not, it was simply brilliant.

As he spoke Trump entered the convention hall, and the camera cut away from Cruz to focus on Trump, probably curious as to how he would be handling the so far not so memorable speech. I say this only because, what we need most right now, Cruz was not delivering, and that was a message of unity.

Some are saying it became clear earlier on as Cruz spoke that he wanted to thrust a knife in Trump’s back.

What do you think?

He spoke on the Republican vision for the future and eventually got around to saying that there is a better vision for the future. He called it, a return to freedom. He spoke of Hillary Clinton and President Obama…gross.

However, everyone noticed how there was a constant in his speech. That was, Trump, Cruz would say nothing of Trump.

Then it happened…his speech ended, and it seemed all hell broke out when it was final that he was not going to endorse Trump.

He made a real good point. Keeping your word takes integrity. You need integrity to be a good leader. It does not matter whether or not Cruz can see eye to eye with Trump. Right now there is nothing else he can do, and endorsing Trump would have assisted in unifying the party. If the party stays divided, the worst possible outcome will happen this November.

Hillary will win.

This is where Republicans go wrong everytime.

Please don’t make the same mistake again. UNITE.

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