The Torture Playlist: Songs US Government Used to ‘Torture’ Terror Suspects


The “torture report,” which was released by the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, revealed some of the techniques the CIA performed on detainees in an effort to gather intelligence and prevent more terror attacks on our country.

Among the methods included to interrogate prisoners outlined in the report were waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and the use of sound disorientation techniques, where certain types of music were used to prevent sleeping or break the detainees down mentally.

The use of music as a hands-free technique to condition detainees at the detention facilities appeared to be effective, as it was noticed that specific music triggered certain reactions in the detainees.

Although there is not an official “play list,” these songs have been identified by both US military personnel and ex-detainees, as those used during conditioning or interrogation.

The Torture Playlist: Songs US Government Used to ‘Torture’ Terror Suspects

Dope: Die MF Die, Take Your Best Shot

Eminem: White America, Kim

Barney & Friends: theme song

Drowning Pool: Bodies

Metallica:Enter Sandman

Meow Mix:commercial jingle

Deicide:Fuck Your God

Janeane Garofalo/Ben Stiller:chapter from the Feel This Audiobook

Sesame Street:theme song

David Gray:Babylon

AC/DC:Shoot to Thrill, Hell’s Bells

Bee Gees:Stayin’ Alive

Tupac:All Eyez On Me

Christina Aguilera:Dirty

Neil Diamond:America

Rage Against the Machine: (unspecified songs)

Don McLean: American Pie

Saliva:Click Click Boom

Matchbox Twenty: Cold

(hed) pe: Swan Dive

Prince: Raspberry Beret

As some Americans are questioning the techniques used by the CIA, complaining that terror suspects were “tortured,” perhaps we should consider the words of Terry Strada, the woman who was widowed after her husband was killed when Muslim jihadists flew their planes into the World Trade Center.

The Torture Playlist: Songs US Government Used to ‘Torture’ Terror Suspects

“Torture is watching what happened on 9/11, watching people jump out of buildings to save themselves, not from dying, but from burning alive and the smoke,” she said. “I mean, the carpet was burning beneath their feet … Torture is telling your children that their father was killed by terrorists on American soil, and that our government isn’t standing by our side to help us go after the people that caused it … I don’t think pouring water up their nose, or making them walk around naked … (it) doesn’t matter to me.”

The Torture Playlist: Songs US Government Used to ‘Torture’ Terror Suspects

The images of those jumping to their deaths on 9/11 in order to avoid burning to death will be images that live with us forever. If the victims of 9/11 would have been given the choice of suffering a little sleep deprivation, getting some water up their nose, or being exposed to loud music, I am sure they would have gladly taken that option.

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