Tortured Teen’s Family Breaks Silence, Jaws Drop At What They Hide In Plain Sight On Stage

The family of the mentally disabled person who was the victim of the Chicago hate crime has come out to respond to the incident. They kept it short, but honest, and then left after answering a few questions.

You can tell they’re upset and distraught, but still glad to have their family member back. You can tell they’re more concerned with their family and making sure everyone is OK and less about the four suspects.

It’s amazing that this family held in all their anger and frustration. They didn’t crack. They showed strength and unity.


100 Percent Fed Up reports – The family of the young man who was tortured in a hate crime speaks out for the first time to tell everyone thank you for the support. It’s difficult to hear questions asked by reporters but you can hear the answers given by the brother-in-law at the mic.

Here’s the video of the family’s official response. You can’t hear most of the questions, but you can hear their very soft spoken replies.

Their family member is the victim of a racist hate crime and they are only focused on one thing – trying to stick together as a family. They don’t care about the suspects. They know the criminals are already locked up and the courts will serve justice.

There’s one thing that’s different about this family though. They’re not calling for riots. They’re not fighting anyone, screaming for Al Sharpton and justice, or telling people to go burn down a 7-11.

If this was the other way around, then you know all of Chicago would’ve burnt down by now. Not that that’s a bad thing, because Chicago is a hellhole according to their own crime stats.

Can you imagine if four pearly white people kidnapped a black disabled guy in a stolen car, made him drink toilet water, beat him up, scalped his head, and tortured him with physical abuse and racist tirades?


This country would be on fire!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You would see black folks marching down every block, burning down buildings, stealing from stores, and using some poor victims torture as a reason to do terrible crimes.

We need to stop the overreactions and riots whenever something doesn’t go our way. Don’t we know that we’re destroying cities, ruining lives, and crushing the economy of our own neighborhoods when we do things like that?

This family is brilliant. They know the court will handle the four suspects and there’s nothing else that needs to happen. Let the court serve justice and go live your life happy that your victim family member is still alive. This family is great because they don’t commit any other crimes because they know that committing more crime is not the answer. They don’t ask us to protest. They don’t tell us to loot. They haven’t called a white version of Al Sharpton – because there is none.

One thing that smart people know is that you don’t respond to a crime with MORE CRIME, because that makes you all criminals.

That doesn’t solve problems.

That doesn’t help anything.

That causes more unnecessary chaos.

Just imagine folks, if this was the other way around and four whitey’s tortured a black person, then how many times would we see Al Sharpton on TV blathering away with his blithering illiterate sounding voice and mumbling mitts?

We would hear this all day and all night.

Just think about it for a second and imagine what it would be like in Chicago if the races were reversed.

Now ask yourself why it’s like that.

Now think of a solution.

When the courts have the crook, then that’s it.

Like The Beatles once said, let it be.

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