Tourists In Tears When They See What Trump Just Surprised Them With At White House Visit

Tourists at the White House were knee deep in exploration when they were presented with a surprise no one saw coming. The one and only President Donald Trump shocked guests when he stopped by to give them a fast hello, but that wasn’t it.

The tourists appeared to enjoy their special guest visitor, even if Trump was surrounded by the Secret Service. The crowd cheered when they saw Trump, told him they loved him, and Trump took it all in as he posed with a baby. Trump has five children, so it’s nothing new for him to hold a baby. He’s probably a regular pro at it, but we wouldn’t know that because the media wouldn’t dare show the President in a nice way.

Trump recently pledged to donate one million dollars of his own money to help with Hurricane Harvey and some leftists still complained about it.

After Trump was done taking pictures, holding a baby, and schmoozing it up with the fans at the White House, he finished his brief hello and went on his way as he told people to enjoy the White House.

President Trump surprised a group of tourists at the White House on Thursday with a quick hello – but he still found time for that classic photo-op beloved of all politicians – kissing a baby.

The smiling president was captured on video flanked by his Secret Service detail emerging from a door inside the West Wing as the tour party was being guided through.

The gathered group, erupts into applause and some of the crowd shout out, ‘We love you!’ and ‘God bless you, Mr. President!’

It is then that the president spots the baby and immediately makes a beeline for the child.

He takes her from her mother, who seems happy to hand her over to the president, and kisses her on the head.

This isn’t the first time that Trump appeared out of nowhere and surprised the tourists at the White House. He’s appeared randomly multiple times, giving each group of tourists a nice extra sight to see when they’re visiting.

Trump also buzzes a beeline towards babies. He’s got a knack for holding kids and parents always seem to enjoy the selfies they take with the President. Considering Trump’s past in television and real estate, it’s like taking a picture with a candid celebrity spotting. However, this celebrity is also the President of the United States. That’s something most other celebrities can’t ever accomplish!

Trump, the big daddy of his own five kids, has taken pictures with, or simply held babies at places such as a rally in Tampa, at the White House when NCAA champion Clemson Tigers visited, at a rally in New Hampshire, and also a rally in New Hampshire.

It’s great to see the President mix it up with us regular folks. The leftists media wouldn’t ever consider showing the good side of Trump. The mainstream media focuses on every negative aspect of our President. Every President does something incorrectly and that’s just life. Our Presidents are made of the same flesh and bones just like everyone else.

No matter what Trump does, or how generous he is, he’s going to get talked about in a negative way with the mainstream and leftist media. A perfect example of that is when Trump and Melania were walking to a plane en route to Texas to help Hurricane Harvey by pledging to donate a million dollars of his own money, but some liberals complained the shoes Melania was wearing. She was wearing heels and people lost their mind. They must not have tonight it was possible, but Melania and Donald were boarding a plane and can change inside passenger area.

People should remember that being President isn’t an easy job. Trump is doing just fine and will go down as on of the best in American history.

People must be star struck when they see President Trump. Can you imagine being at the White House on a tour? Then out of nowhere, the secret service emerges and at first you’re thinking either you or someone else gets arrested. Then nothing happens. Then Donald Trump appears and people cheer like their home-team just won the Super Bowl. Or maybe he appears the way a wrestler would run out towards the ring with his fight song playing, probably something from the Top Gun soundtrack.

If Trump appeared during my White House visit, then I would ask for a picture and chat about why liberals have turned into extremists. What happened to people being moderate and slight left or right? Why do liberals think they can push a violent and intolerant agenda and think anyone will listen to them or ever take them serious?

I would ask Trump when he plans to label Antifa as a group of domestic terrorists. I would also ask Trump what his plans for 2020 are.

If you’re on a White House tour anytime soon, then keep your ears and eyes open for President Trump. He likes to surprise people!

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