Look What Town Is Doing To Parents Who REFUSE To Control Their Nasty Brats – Do You Support This?

There are few things that get a parent hotter under the collar than thinking that someone is mistreating their child. If the person doing the mistreating is another child, things become even more complicated since the parent of the offender is likely to think their child is the one being treated unfairly if anyone has harsh words for them.

However, bullying has become such a huge issue that it has forced itself into the consciousness of the general population because of the occurrence of injury and even suicide due to emotional trauma.

One city has decided to empower the officials to force parents to deal with the offenders.

Via American Web Media:

“The Shawano city council just approved a new ordinance that allows the local police department to intervene in cases of bullying. The law applies to any child under the age of eighteen years old and is designed to target a number of types of harassment, from stealing lunch money to cyberbullying.

Parents of minors who are accused of these actions will receive a warning and a ninety-day probationary term in which to change their child’s behavior. If they do not, the parent will receive a $366 fine for the first offense and $681 fine for each repeat offense.

Some critics say that the issue of bullying is too subjective. They point to the difference and distinctions between harmless banter and teasing, and more aggressive harassment. They contend that it simply is not a clear line and cannot be enforced, nor would fining parents necessarily impact children who engage in bullying.

Shawano Police chief Mark Kohl has responded to these criticisms, saying “This isn’t generated towards the kids being kids, some playground banter. This is the person that is meticulously using social media or saying things that are vulgar in an attempt to hurt.”

While city officials are obviously going to have to walk a fine line between petty negotiator and protector of the innocent, the idea that someone could stop these purveyors of pain and suffering is something we should all support. Hopefully, this is something that will work, and catch on across the country.

(Source: American Web Media)

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